Terms of Reference

  1. Purpose of the Committee
    1. To recommend ways and means to modernize Indian Railways to meet the challenges of economic growth, the aspirations of the common man, the needs of changing technology and the expanding market, while at the same time ensuring adequate focus on addressing social and strategic requirements of the country in consonance with Indian Railways’ national aspirations.
    2. Address issues connected with organization, management and resource mobilization, and professionalization of manpower.
  2. The Terms of Reference of the group will be as under:-
    1. Railway Modernization with a focus on:
      1. Track: -To provide capability for safe, secure and productive freight and passenger trains with a focus on expansion and excellence.
      2. Signaling: -Modern electronic signaling technologies for maximizing track utilization, and for providing high speed operations with safety.
      3. Rolling stock:- Expansion of new generation freight and passenger rolling stock with advanced technological features with capability for higher speeds and lower unit costs.
      4. Stations & Terminals:- Modernization of stations and freight terminals to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art infrastructure, services and facilities.
    2. Information technology: Launch integrated initiatives for exponential improvement in operational efficiency, safety, flexibility and comfort.
    3. Indigenous Development: Outline strategies for indigenous development, local R&D and local manufacturing to augment existing capacities of Indian Railways.
    4. Project Review: Review and assess capital projects sanctioned and work-in-process and suggest necessary actions.
    5. Public Private Partnership: Address issues related to PPP with a focus on process-management, bidding-out procedures, resource mobilization and enhancing value of unused railway assets.
  3. The Headquarter of the Expert Group will be at Rail Bhavan, New Delhi.
  4. The Expert Group should submit its interim report in two months from the date of constitution of the Committee and the final report by 31.3.2012 with a clear focus on a Roadmap for speedy implementation.

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