Railway Modernization

  1. Track
    To provide capability for safe, secure and productive freight and passenger trains with a focus on expansion and excellence.

    Members of the sub group for Track & Bridges:
    1. B.D. Garg CAO, Const
    2. Mr Avasthi, CE, TMS, NR
    3. S.P. Singh EDCE(P) – Coordinator
    Terms of Reference:
    1. Present status of track, bridges, tunnels, rail overpasses on Indian Railways in terms of track structure, category of track, speed potential, axle load, route-wise, section-wise, summarised position.
    2. Need to modernise track/route by way of expansion of network, raising of speed, increasing the axle load, fitness for running of double stack container trains and longer freight trains.
    3. Approximate cost estimate of modernisation, timeframe and cost benefit analysis of track modernisation framework.
    4. Examine the organisational design for carrying out modernisation.

  2. Signaling
    Modern electronic signaling technologies for maximizing track utilization, and for providing high speed operations with safety.

    Members of the sub group for Signaling:
    1. Shiv Kumar Chowdhary;
    2. Mahesh Mangal, Sr ED, RDSO
    3. Arun Saxena, Adviser, Signal, Railway Board
    4. R.C. Adwal, ED, Tele.Dev – Coordinator

    Terms of Reference:
    1. Present status of electronic signalling at the stations, route-wise, section-wise.
    2. Need to modernise signalling for improving safety, augmenting capacity and increasing speed of trains.
    3. Identify specific signalling technology for modernization.
    4. Estimation of cost and timeframe for modernisation.
    5. Cost benefit analysis of modernisation of signalling.
    6. Identify associated requirements for fencing, elimination of level crossing and its impact on reduction in manpower.

  3. Rolling stock
    Expansion of new generation freight and passenger rolling stock with advanced technological features with capability for higher speeds and lower unit costs.

    Members of the sub group for Rolling stock:
    1. G.N. Asthana, GM, WCR.
    2. Ravinder Gupta, EDME Freight, RB;
    3. Shri Sudheer Kumar, EDEE (Dev), RB – Coordinator

    Terms of Reference:
    1. Present status of coaching and freight rolling stock in terms of class of travel, speed potential for passenger trains and pay load to tare ratio, axle load for freight trains.
    2. Installed manufacturing capacity for various types of rolling stock.
    3. Need to upgrade rolling stock keeping in view the requirement to raise speed, improved design and comfort level, provision of modern facilities, etc.
    4. Identification of technologies for modernisation of rolling stock.
    5. Local production status and need for import of technologies.
    6. Estimation of cost and time required for modernisation.
    7. Preparation of cost benefit analysis.

  4. Stations & Terminals
    Modernization of stations and freight terminals to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art infrastructure, services and facilities.

    Members of the sub group for Stations Terminals:
    1. Shri Pankaj Jain, Vice Chairman, RLDA
    2. hri Ranjan Jain, Adv, Infra, Railway Board
    3. Shri H.K.Jaggi, Adv, L&A, Railway Board – Coordinator

    Terms of Reference:
    1. Prepare a list of 500 passenger stations on IR for redevelopment, State-wise.
    2. Divide these stations in 3 categories in terms of size of the stations.
    3. Identify legal, policy and coordination issues requiring attention in redevelopment of station.
      1. Identify 50 locations requiring development of multi-modal logistics Parks.
    4. Estimation of cost and timeframe.
    5. Prepare cost benefit analysis.
    6. Work out a broad PPP model for station redevelopment and private freight terminal development.

  5. Land

    Members of the sub group for Land:
    1. Shri H.K. Jaggi, Adv, L&A – Coordinator

    Terms of Reference:
    1. Present total stock of surplus railway land and air space available for commercial use and the part which is available in the station area.
    2. Details of parcels of surplus land available in urban and semi-urban areas, location-wise.

  6. Passenger Amenities

    Members of the sub group for Passenger Amenities:
    1. Shri M.K.Reddy, EDPM – Coordinator

    Terms of Reference:
    1. Suggest measures for improvement of comfort, hygiene, cleanliness, catering, reservations and introduction of other modern amenities.

  7. Organisational Reform and Design

    Members of the sub group for Organisational Reform and Design:
    1. Shri S.K.Mishra, ED, Traffic, PPP – Coordinator

    Terms of Reference:
    1. Review of past reports and highlight of their recommendations.

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