Public Private Partnership

Members of the sub group for PPP:

  1. Mr Kanoria, FICCI
  2. Representative of CII
  3. Amrit Pandurangi, Sr. Dir, Delloite
  4. Chindrajit Banerjee, DG, CII
  5. Cherian Thomas, Senior Director, IDFC
  6. Satish Mandana, IDFC
  7. S.K. Mishra, ED, T, PPP – Coordinator

Terms of Reference:

  1. Review and recommend actionable PPP models for Railways in various areas to attract investment for win-win partnership.
  2. Understand and evaluate present approach and suggest solutions to un-lock bottlenecks.
  3. Outline lessons learned from other infrastructure sectors and related projects in India and abroad to attract latest technology and investment.

Ministry of Railways

Railway Board

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Shri Ranjan Jain,

Adviser (lnfra.), Railway Board
Secretary of Expert Group,
Modernization of Indian Railways