Information Technology

Members of the sub group for Information Technology:

  1. R.B. Das, COM, ECoR
  2. R.C. Adwal, ED (Tele.Dev), RB
  3. Ranjan Jain, Adv (Infra.), RB Coordinator

Terms of Reference:

  1. Present status and programme to implement various systems.
  2. Need to build a National Railway ICT platform.
  3. Implementation plan for SIMRAN, mobile ticketing, Web access on trains and platforms.
  4. Implementation of RFID for management of freight operation.
  5. Current status of electronic tendering, electronic payment in freight operation, Freight Operation Information System, Coaching Operation Information System, control charting, time tabling, capacity planning, ICT for safety, Track Management System, Loco Management System, etc.
  6. Status of accounting reform and plan for implementation of modern accounting system including full computerisation of accounts.
  7. Status of project management, human resource management, inventory management systems on IR.

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