Focus Areas

The Expert Group on Modernization of Indian Railways focuses on the following areas:-

  1. Railway Modernization with a focus on:
    1. Track: -To provide capability for safe, secure and productive freight and passenger trains with a focus on expansion and excellence.
    2. Signaling: -Modern electronic signaling technologies for maximizing track utilization, and for providing high speed operations with safety.
    3. Rolling stock:- Expansion of new generation freight and passenger rolling stock with advanced technological features with capability for higher speeds and lower unit costs.
    4. Stations & Terminals:- Modernization of stations and freight terminals to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art infrastructure, services and facilities.
  2. Information technology: Launch integrated initiatives for exponential improvement in operational efficiency, safety, flexibility and comfort.
  3. Indigenous Development: Outline strategies for indigenous development, local R&D and local manufacturing to augment existing capacities of Indian Railways.
  4. Project Review: Review and assess capital projects sanctioned and work-in-process and suggest necessary actions.
  5. Public Private Partnership: Address issues related to PPP with a focus on process-management, bidding-out procedures, resource mobilization and enhancing value of unused railway assets.

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Shri Ranjan Jain,

Adviser (lnfra.), Railway Board
Secretary of Expert Group,
Modernization of Indian Railways